Benny the Boxer

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Here, we will tell you all about our experiences owning a Boxer Dog. What you can expect owning a Boxer and tips on how to treat, train and love your Boxer!

Now a little bit about Benny Big Mac:

Benny was born May 13,2016

Our boy is friendly, loving, playful and is great with everyone and every animal.

We purchased him from a Puppy store who got him from a breeder in Indiana.

Benny loves hiking, treats, cuddling, belly rubs, wiggling and chewing on anything he can break with his teeth!

Benny hates baths, loud trucks and the vacuum!

There is no doubt of our love for Benny but that is not to say that we had an easy road raising our fur child. Here we will go over some of the hurdles we’ve had to overcome since we brought Benny home.