Bath Time


Since the day we brought Benny home, water was never his friend. I still laugh every time we try to give Ben a bath. He goes dead weight and holds himself down and then holds his legs out so that we cannot place him down in the tub. Once in the bath he doesn’t move an inch, stays in one place and won’t even look at you for a treat.

We were always under the impression that most Boxers loved baths and the water. Well, not this guy! Even in the rain he finds the dry spots to wiggle his way around the drops. One time, I had to bring an umbrella out with me because he wouldn’t leave the house! Even now, as Benny is growing up and getting used to seasonal changes he cringes through the rain and will do his business and run back inside faster than you can blink. If the ground is wet he becomes a detective. He will stop dead in his tracks, sniff around, look, feel and when he finally decides that the ground is not wet enough that his paws will get soaked, he slowly walks next to you always careful not to step in a puddle. Its a truly funny sight to see!

Look how happy he is!


Boxers have very sensitive skin and are prone to skin problems. Also, being a short coat breed it’s easy for their coat to loose it’s shimmer & shine and dry out, so it’s important to use the right shampoos on them (which obviously goes for any breed)! We usually bathe Ben once a month. It’s important not to do it more frequently unless necessary, because this can dry them out no matter what kind of products you are using. We made the mistake of bathing him too frequently at first because he was in and out of the hospital/vet so often, he came back smelly. I noticed the start of dryness/dandruff to his coat. We have found gentle/natural shampoos to work the best. We specifically use Earthbath, which I’ve been happy with so far. We also use a leave-in coconut oil based conditioner in between baths which helps keep his coat silky smooth and shiny as well!

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