Benny the Stink

Okay, if you don’t already know much about Boxer Dogs I can tell you this much; these little dudes FART. 

They have been known to make it in the top 10 lists for stinkiest breeds. SIDE NOTE: Our Boxer does not have a dog odor nor does his fur or breath ever smell. BUT they fart. 

A lot of the time I laugh but Alyssa hates it. Living with two males who battle for loudest and stinkiest probably isn’t the most fun for her lol. Benny usually is passing gas when I feed him table scraps or other human foods and snacks that he usually doesn’t get. Just yesterday I gave him more bacon then usual and he lit our apartment up like a Christmas tree! I mean he really lit it up! Loud rippers, silent stinkers that could kill a small animal! It’s even funnier because sometimes he’s so confused at what just happened and he gives me a look like **see picture below**

The good news is the smell goes away fast but it does sneak up and punch you in the face initially. And he typically isn’t gassy given his normal diet but hey that’s my bff4l and if there’s one thing I know he likes it’s whatever I am eating and I am guilty of giving my little dude a hand slide under the table piece of anything I have! (Sour patches, potatoe pieces, doritos, bacon, steak, etc.) I’d challenge any man who is as close to their dog as I am not to give that smushy loving drueling face a piece of bacon! 

Me? No way Captain that was you: 

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