Hikes hikes hikes!

This pup LOVES strolling through the woods. We’ve always been an active, outdoor couple, but what better way to spice up the adventures than adding a pup to the mix. Like I mentioned before, we exposed Benny to a lot of things his first couple of weeks home. One of them was training him to walk off leash. Now that he’s gotten a bit older he’s more curious and confident and tries to trail off, but that’s nothing a bag of training treats won’t fix. His first couple of hikes he HATED getting near any type of water, he wouldn’t even cross little streams (now picture Jim picking Benny up and carrying him across). Thankfully now 20 lbs. heavier we’ve gotten over that fear. 

Boxers are an extremely energetic breed and they need to get that energy out! Otherwise you’re going to end up with a lot of chewed up things because of one bored puppy.

A couple of things to keep in mind for your hiking buddy:

Boxers have a harder time tolerating heat than other dogs because of their cute short little snouts. They have a harder time “cooling down” in a sense. As you know, us humans have sweat glands that naturally work to cool our bodies down. Interestingly enough dogs only sweat from their paw pads. Dogs pant to lose heat, so it’s important to make sure you have enough water to keep your boxer HYDRATED. Taking a few breaks in a cool spot also can’t hurt either of you! A boxer will also have a harder time with humidity. So while your new companion will keep up the distance, bear in mind the temperature to keep your short nosed friend from over heating or dehydration 🙂

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