A little about Alyssa, James and Benny:

We are an engaged couple that has been together since 2012. We are an active couple who likes to get out into the world as well as stay home, cook a homestyle meal and watch a good movie. We wanted a dog that would fit our lifestyles and personalities and  a Boxer would come to be the perfect fit!

Jim and Alyssa are from Philadelphia. Where big city meets a great outdoor recreation and sports is a staple. Jim grew up with a Boxer Dog (go figure, his name was Rocky) 4 cats and a Turtle. So naturally, boxer’s were always his favorite dog. Alyssa always had dogs growing up, from Cocker Spaniels to German Shepherds and a bunch of bunny rabbits in between.

One thing was certain. Jim wanted a dog and Alyssa did not! After 4 years of convincing, countless trips to see puppies and play with other dogs Jim could not convince Alyssa to say yes to getting a dog. Then one day that all changed.

We woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning, went to our favorite local diner, had breakfast and our morning coffee, and then took a stroll through the woods. It was after that Alyssa suggested they kill some time by going to the local puppy store. Insert Benny’s cute puppy face, Jims love for boxers and it was a perfect storm that Alyssa could not say no to!

Everything happens for a reason!